Annual Report 2014

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Vnesheconombank's information policy aims to provide ready access to the data
on Vnesheconombank's operations and timely cover the latest developments.

In 2014, the Bank brought about a number of transformations in its visual identity
to enshrine its unique status as a national development institution. Transition to a single VEB brand for all the members of the VEB Group is designed to exert a synergic effect and increase the public awareness of the objectives, goals and operating results of the Bank
for Development.

Seeking to revamp its corporate identity in 2014, the Bank also significantly changed its official website ( ).

Apart from restyling, Vnesheconombank's website was changed to feature some state-of-the-art functional solutions for better usability, in particular, online search engines, photo and video galleries, and infographics. In the year under report, 3.5 million
of the website visitors took advantage of the opportunity to obtain comprehensive information about Vnesheconombank's operations.

Vnesheconombank continued its efforts to integrate information on the Bank
into the dataflow in media and social networks. The coverage reached an audience of some 5 million people in Russia and abroad.

In 2014, Vnesheconombank promoted active cooperation with mass media. Thus, Russian mass media featured 72 interviews and copyrighted materials presenting the view
of Vnesheconombank's management on key economic events. Ogonyok Weekly magazine published a series of articles "Projects of the Bank for Development" describing major investment projects financed by Vnesheconombank, and their implications for respective regions, including social and economic impacts of the project delivery.

Special attention was paid by the media to Vnesheconombank's participation in Olympic project finance. The Bank was directly involved in the ambitious task set by the Russian Government, i.e. to create in Sochi a sports cluster capable of hosting international competitions at the highest level and modernise the infrastructure of the famous Russian resort to provide its guests with excellent recreational amenities.

Still another area of public relations was the program of events to mark the 90th Anniversary of Vnesheconombank. The reporting year witnessed the publication of the three-volume History of Vnesheconombank, a unique source of information on the Bank. In its “ VEB: Investment for the Future” documentary, Russia-24 TV channel introduced the audience
to significant milestones, as well as current projects of Vnesheconombank. Internet users obtained an opportunity to get acquainted with the Bank's history on the information portal of TASS, Russia's biggest information agency.

In 2014, the Bank resumed publication of its corporate magazine "Bank for Development" designed to inform the readers of the objectives facing Vnesheconombank, its projects and focus areas. Also in 2014, 18 series of TV program "Development Projects" were aired. The program was made in cooperation with VGTRK Media Corporation and attracted
the audience of 12 million people. Furthermore, the Bank initiated the publication
of a specialised corporate periodical devoted to Vnesheconombank and its subsidiaries' support to SMEs. The magazine addresses various aspects of this work, as well as provides entrepreneurs with practical advice and recommendations.

Traditionally, Vnesheconombank has been using important forums and exhibitions, both
in Russia and abroad, to raise awareness of the Bank and its subsidiaries' activities.
To illustrate, the Bank had its display stands at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Open Innovations Forum, and Exhibition "Trade and Industrial Dialogue Russia — Gulf" in the Kingdom of Bahrain.