Annual Report 2014

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In 2014, the Bank's organisational structure and HR management underwent no substantial changes.

A standalone business unit (a directorate) was abolished while a new business unit (a division) was established. One more business unit was set up to address macroeconomic policies and cluster analysis.

At the end of 2014, the Bank’s organisational structure comprised 36 standalone business units and 17 representative offices in Russia and abroad.

Seeking to streamline the governance system, Vnesheconombank stepped up its efforts
to optimise the headcount number in compliance with the span of control requirements and challenges facing the Bank.

Vnesheconombank imposes strict requirements for its employees professional skills. Thus,
in 2014 the principal focus of staff development remained on corporate training events,
in particular, multiple-choice e-learning tests devised by Vnesheconombank's specialists. Furthermore, the Bank arranged for its employees to study at higher education institutions and other training organisations and participate in various seminars and conferences in order to acquire new knowledge and upgrade professional skills. All in all, 1,976 employees took training organised by the Bank in the year under report.

Traditionally, the most popular training programs were those designed to prevent corruption, counteract legalisation of illicit gains and terrorism financing, as well as promote computer and legal literacy.

In 2014, the Bank continued to organise experience sharing events with its foreign partners: development institutions, multilateral financial institutions, associations and consortia.
To illustrate, more than 150 specialists from Vnesheconombank and its subsidiaries took part in the events aimed at learning from best global practices and leading-edge technologies.

Seeking to provide its employees, their relatives, as well as the retirees — members
of the Bank's Retiree Council with social protection, Vnesheconombank implements a voluntary medical insurance program based on the mechanism of the Bank/employee co-investment. For many years, the complex program of voluntary medical insurance has been providing the insured persons with a comprehensive spectrum of medical services including rehabilitation and sanatorium treatment. Furthermore, the retiree support package also includes a non-governmental pension scheme.

Following the long-established tradition and in celebration of the 70th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, Vnesheconombank held a gala night for the retirees — members
of the Bank's Retiree Council in May 2014.

On a regular basis, the Bank organises the Partners of the 21st Century sporting event together with the members of the VEB Group. Such events tangibly contribute to reinforcing corporate relations between the VEB employees and those of the VEB Group.

The reporting year marked the 90th Anniversary of Vnesheconombank. To celebrate this event, the Bank's employees were invited to attend Giuseppe Verdi's La Traviata hosted
by the Historical Stage of the Bolshoi Theatre.